It all begins on Draft Night

The names of L.A.’s best musicians are tossed into the Lottery hopper. New quartets are created by random chance.

The basic requirement: the musicians can’t have previously played with anyone in their new group.

If a musician name is chosen and the performer has played with someone else in the group they are judged INCOMPATIBLE and their name is thrown back into the hopper until a COMPATIBLE grouping is found. The end result is novel & unpredictable musical combinations.

The new groups have one month to choose a name, create an identity, and write a 10-minute set of original music to be performed in front of a huge crowd of fellow players, fans, and friends.

We call this community celebration…

The Big Show

Everyone will be playing publicly for the first time. Will they rise to the occasion?

In 2011 we had bands who came up with some really cool names: Lottery Curse, Medieval Babes, Double Double, No No Jammers, Purebreeds Don’t Bite, P.O.P. (Positive Outreach Program), Fubbx+fn, Magii, Fooly Cooly, Big Wuddup and the Tiny Little Wuddups, First You Were There, Now You Are Here, & Brohammer.

This is not a battle of the bands—the challenge is artistic. This is a showcase of SoCal’s greatest musical minds and performers doing something new. Together.

This is where you come in…