L.A. Lottery League Rules & Dates

For potential participants:

+ You must currently be in a musical group. A “group” is defined as 1 or more people (solo projects that have performed out are acceptable). Only groups will be considered for the draft.

+ Your entire group will be drafted. If your entire group is available to participate, you are eligible.

+ You must have performed live, recorded and/or toured within the last year. If you have done so, you are eligible.

+ Players incur no costs to be part of the League. Practice space will be arranged for each group.

+ You must get along well with others & enjoy having fun writing & performing new music.

+ You must fill out the Lottery League questionnaire and receive an official invite (details & due dates TBA).

+ You must be available to practice with your Lottery League group for one month (4 weeks). If you have time to practice, you are eligible.

Key Dates

All applicants MUST be available for the following dates:

Orientation – You must attend one 30 minute orientation

Draft Night – This is where your band is chosen at random

Happy Hour – Two weeks in we check in and choose band order—by chance of course

The Big Show – Four weeks later, it all comes down to your new music and your new band, rocking the house with all the other Lottery League bands for one night only.

2011 Participants

+ Lottery League welcomes back participating groups from 2011: Lottery Curse, Medieval Babes, Double Double, No No Jammers, Purebreeds Don’t Bite, P.O.P. (Positive Outreach Program), Fubbx+fn, Magii, Fooly Cooly, Big Wuddup and the Tiny Little Wuddups, First You Were There, Now You Are Here, Brohammer.

+ Past participant groups will be eligible to play again and/or recommend new groups.


+ The Council of Chiefs aims for maximum diversity amongst participants. No discrimination of any kind will be allowed. All eligibility requirements must be met in order to be considered for participation; final selection is at the discretion of the Council.

Meet the Council of Chiefs